Kingdom of Loafington

“Ignavus est Optimus”


The Kingdom of Loafington will be located on the “Edsel” side of Fairlane near 4:30.
Look for the Big Orange Castle!

What’s the Big Idea?

The Kingdom of Loafington is a Theme Camp in Black Rock City NV, an ephemeral community that is home for the annual Burning Man Festival.

The Event

Burning Man has been called “the world’s most dangerous art festival”. This could be correct. Tens of thousands of people gather for a week or so at the end of each summer to participate in the act of creating culture as an alternative to consuming entertainment. There are many surprises.

The City

Shoddy, makeshift, grandiose and spectacular, Black Rock City is built out on the Playa, a high desert alkali flat that covers hundreds of square miles. It is a blank slate you can write your dreams upon. You’re liable to encounter things here that are beyond your imagination. The whole place is a liminal space. Your money is no good here. Welcome home.

The Camp

The medieval facade can fool you. Scratch the surface, read between the lines, mix the metaphor. Theme camps can be deeply spiritual, or creative expressions of artistic visions; they can be devoted to service or entertainment. Then there are those camps that are elaborate in-jokes, carried a bit too far, with riffs on wacky ideas that spin a little out of control. The Kingdom of Loafington is some of this and that.


We are nine in number. Our aim is a good laugh and a peak experience. We’ve accumulated over fifteen years on the Playa participating in more theme camps than we care to list here (we don’t want to embarrass any of our previous camp-mates). We have experienced ritualists who think initiation ceremonies are fun. Our specialty is Applied Hedonics. Solve et coagula, and come visit us if you Will.


One Response to “About”

  1. TRACY said

    all hail King Loafington,
    from King Slug a Bed of Camp Pendant, 7:30 and Fairlane (we were also Boozy Bunco on the map).
    Love your site. Can’t wait till next year to visit the kingdom of Lazybones.
    If you’ve got a mailing address, I’ll send you a couple of our Burning Man pendants, which are famous worldwide, so long as the Euro is strong versus the dollar.

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