Kingdom of Loafington

“Ignavus est Optimus”

Holy Knights

The Holy Order of the Knights of Loafington

The Holy Knights are Pledged to the King and Queen to Protect the Pilgrims and Guard the Borders. Knights are among the Nobility and enforce the Royal Edicts. They Keep Pure through the Ablutions of El Grand Inquisitor and are sworn to Keep the Secret #$@*!.

The Holy Knights are invested with Arms and Armor, control access to Castle Loafington, and Operate the Department of Kingdom Security. The Knights are duty-bound to challenge wanderers who stray near the Borders. They are empowered by an Oath of Irresponsibility that enables them to undertake certain actions without recourse to the Sovereign’s Law as they see necessary to Secure the Kingdom.

From time to time, the King or Queen may dispatch Bands of Knights beyond the Borders on Missions of Exploration, Diplomacy, or Annexation to Expand the Safety and Bring Loafness to the Heathen.

Only Purified Squires may become Holy Knights by Ordination of the King or Queen. Knights may Retain Squires of Shirtcocking and Lead them on Quests.


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