Kingdom of Loafington

“Ignavus est Optimus”


Weary Pilgrims

Along their Journey to the Holy Sepulcher, Sacred Temple, Blacklight Lounge, or Lost Camp, Weary Pilgrims are exposed to the many and diverse Perils of the Playa, including Sunstroke, Heat Exhaustion, Dehydration, Confusion, Disorientation, Cheap Beer, Bad Drugs, Unsafe Sex, and Playa Boogers. Worthy Pilgrims may seek Safe Refuge, Succor, and Rest within the Walls of Castle Loafington should they venture near the Borders of the Kingdom.

Some Pilgrims are Fools, and these may be foolish enough to entrust their safety to the Holy Knights of Loafington, who are Pledged to Protect the Pilgrims whenever they are able and sufficiently motivated to do so.

Pilgrims may not wander about the Kingdom while sojourning among the Loyal Subjects. After registering with the Department of Kingdom Security, Pilgrims must remain confined within the Castle under the Guardianship of a Noble. Pilgrims are given no rights or privileges within the Kingdom; they must depend upon the Capricious Hospitality of the Royal Sovereigns and may be expelled for any reason or none at all.

Pilgrims who are exceptionally foolish may become Loyal Subjects through Initiation into the Order of the Space Monkey under the Sponsorship of a Squire of Shirtcocking.


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